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Why Retail Activation Is The Buzzword In The Marketing Arena Today

Marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to draw attention of buyers who are getting gradually smarter by the day. Attracting buyers and retaining their attention is certainly becoming a tough challenge for them. Motivating your targeted customers to try your brand and then converting them successfully requires tactful and smart marketing strategies. Retail activation is one of the most powerful ways of getting customers to do your bidding.

Retail Activation can be termed as a marketing tactic that involves deployment of a string of custom ideas, events and practical activations for promoting various business activities. The end aim is to efficiently engage shoppers and encourage purchases.

Engagement of shoppers can be done in various places including in-store, within malls, at various transit locations where the consumer is likely to spend some time looking around and other similar locations. 

Retail activations may include a range of smart marketing ideas such as deploying a street team to promote products, using an interactive store window installation to grab customer attention, to employing exceptional influencer marketing ideas within the store.

The key reasons why marketers use retail activation are:

  • To find new customers for their products and strengthen relationships with existing customers
  • To publicize new store and retail outlet openings, to announce retail sales, and to turn the spotlight on special events
  • To engage and involve consumers in marketing campaigns
  • To improve engagement of shoppers with brand on top social media channels
  • To ensure that the brand experience is extended beyond the store To collect consumer experience firsthand 

With digital purchases becoming the norm for more and more consumers after they have visited a retail outlet, it has become imperative for companies to use innovative marketing strategies to create a delightful and exciting experience for their customers. Retail activation is definitely one of the best ways of making this happen.

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Our Deliverable

  • Consumer promo ideation and concepts
  • Integrated engagement of consumers
  • Alternate sales channel strategy and implementation
  • On ground promoters
  • Product launch events
  • Channel promotions
  • Hyper local 360 degree activation

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