Alternate Channel to Promoters Group

01 Mar 2016

ACPG Program (Alternate Channel to Promoters Group)

​​​​​​Challenges for companies not present in Asia or having very limited staff in the region

Most companies operating under such circumstances have the following challenges: -

  • Channel identification in untapped geographies or market segments.
  • Channel selection, on boarding and managing them especially in the initial phase.
  • Generating leads and having an end-to-end lead fulfillment process after assignment of leads to new as well as legacy channels.
  • Sales funnel management in real time and providing pre sales support.
  • Maintaining constant communication to existing clients through targeted messaging, updates.
  • Engaging of channels in organizing customer events and seminars.

We provide an extended range of services to address these requirements through our consultant and partner networks across Asia. We also provide web based self service tools for generation of marketing collaterals across media and activating on ground corporate events.

GTM option
Regional Manager
Local Territory Manager
Marketing Services
Business Support Services
Avg CTC per month *
$ 100k+
$ 30k+
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